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Barbara Coler,
City Member, LAFCo Chair

Term: 2020 - 2024
Barbara Coler, LAFCo Commissioner

Barbara has been a member of the Fairfax Town Council since spring 2013; she was first appointed, then elected to the Council and served as Mayor in 2015 and 2019.  She also serves on many Boards/Committees. Barbara is a scientist with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in biological sciences and a primary emphasis on environmental matters.  Prior to serving on the Fairfax Town Council, she was a Planning Commissioner and also a member of the Fairfax Open Space Committee.  She was appointed to LAFCo as an alternate member by MCCMC in late 2019; in January 2020 she was appointed to LAFCo as a primary member and in late 2022 she was elected to another four year term by MCCMC.

Barbara Coler has 30+ years of public agency work experience, with more than 27 years serving in California. 

Barbara is deeply committed to protection of the environment and public health which is demonstrated by her work, education and public service.  She is a 26-year resident of the west end of town and is an avid cyclist and hiker.  She lives with her rescue cat Michelle.

Ethics Certificate 2024
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