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Marin General Services Authority (MGSA)

900 Fifth Avenue, Suite 100

San Rafael, CA 94901

Phone: 415-446-4428

Board Meetings

  • 10:00 A.M.
  • 2nd Thursday - Odd Months
  • Transportation Authority of Marin
    900 Fifth Avenue, Suite 100 
    San Rafael, California, CA 94903



The District is a Joint Powers Agency governed by a seven-member Board of Directors consisting of the Marin County Chief Administrator (or designee), four Town/City Managers, and two Public Works Directors. 


The Marin General Services Authority (MGSA) was created in 2005 by the cities, towns, and County of Marin to offer various public services effectively and efficiently throughout the county in a uniform manner with minimal overhead expense. The Joint Powers Authority Agreement creating MGSA states, “The purpose of this Agreement is to establish a public entity separate from the County, Cities, Towns, and Special Districts. This Authority will finance, implement, and manage the various municipal services assigned to it.”

The precursor to MGSA was the Street Light Acquisition Authority, which was formed in 1985 by the County and all cities and towns in Marin to acquire streetlights from PG&E. The JPA acquired those streetlights by eminent domain in 1986, and it was decided that the JPA would retain title to the lights and provide a system of countywide maintenance and insurance.

In addition to street light maintenance, MGSA also includes funding for abandoned vehicle abatement and taxicab regulation, among numerous services. MGSA also accepted administrative responsibility for MarinMap in 2008, the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership in 2007, the Mediation Program run by the District Attorney’s Office, and Animal Care and Control in 2015, and most recently in 2020, the program responsibilities of the dissolved Marin Telecommunications Agency. In addition, the MGSA Board of Directors serves as an advisory body to the Marin County Board of Supervisors regarding the Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP). 

    Marin General Services Authority JPA Agreement