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Marin LAFCo Board & Staff Compensation

Commission (Board) Compensation

LAFCo is considered a state agency and, therefore, does not have its compensations listed on the State Controller's Office for compliance with state law. However, our Board compensation can be found below.

Board members, both regular and alternate, are compensated $125 for each meeting they attend—whether that be a Commission meeting, a Committee meeting, workshops, or conference attendance. 

Staff Compensation and Pay Schedules

Marin LAFCo's pay schedule (what we term "salary classifications") was created and passed at the June 2021 Commission meeting, ratified by Resolution 21-12. The Febuary 2024 Commission meeting was also the date of the salary classifications' last review. The Resolution 21-12 can be found below in addition to Resolution 24-2 and the updated Marin LAFCo Publicly Available Pay Schedule. 

Resolution 21-12 Ratifying the Creation of LAFCo's Salary ClassificationsResolution 24-2 - Update to the Publicly Available Pay Schedule Publicly Available Pay Schedule


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